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Panel 4 cracked me up the entire time I drew and coloured it... Originally Rory was falling with his head facing the viewer, but turning him around is so much funnier...

Can't have been fun for Jetii: having some random alien hand with a totally weird skin colour and almost three times too many fingers come out of the air, then (as some pointed out yesterday XD) having 200lb worth of Rory landing on your ribs. No wonder Jetii is cranky!

A bonus illustration will go up tomorrow!

ALSO! I have three more of this poster:
I can't send them to you framed, but I CAN send them signed! They are on nice heavy paper, and have a matte laminate finish. They measure 12"x18". They are $20 CAD, and I will have to get you a shipping estimate based on your postal/zip code if you want one, 'cause Canada Post's online shipping estimator sucks. E-mail if you want one!





When you put it like that his sudden appearance comes off as random (and hilarious)as the fish rain in Lister's sleeping quarters. XD



LOL, if I was in Jetii's shoes, this woulda scared the crack out of me. xD



Looks like we have a nervous breakdown coming up!


Nayte (Guest)

Oh goodness, Rory's freak-out face on the bottom is wonderful! It's tough when this kind of thing hits you all at once (I wouldn't really know, but I imagine what it feels like, haha!) and I think that face captures it very well. Poor Rory, I love him so!


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