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If you were a patron of the Bright Stars Patreon, here's a heads up that you'll want to make sure you officially delete your patronage to it. Patreon apparently has some twitchiness where even after a creator account is converted back to a patron account, the old campaign will still charge you monthly.

It's something that I should have done by deleting all the patrons before I reverted my account to a patron account, but didn't know to do it until it was too late.

Let me know if you have any issues and I'll get it sorted out.

Sorry for the mess from the whole thing - it should have been a learning experience just for me, not a headache for you guys.





Aww, it wasn't a headache, just a disappointment that it didn't work out for you and then confusion because the Patreon website is...stupid?

My refund went through and that's all fine right now, but until I removed my payment option it was still saying I was your patron, even though what I was a patron to no longer existed. Hilarious. I think they have some issues to work out.



In case someone has also the problem not being able to access the "Edit Pledge" on Patreon you can delete a pledge by using a URL-address (be careful!):

MODIFY and use the following URL-address for deletion of your "A Morrison" Pledge (CID 243390):

http:// www . patreon . com / processDeletePledge?u=*******&cid=243390

Replace ******* with your Pateron user ID and remove the blanks.

You can find it by going to your Profile page and look at the URL in your browser:

Worked for me.


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