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I'm going to officially put the comic on hiatus until the new year. If your curious as to the personal reasons you can read here.

For now, here's a sketch dump of concept work from the last year or two. I tend to do little silly style doodles as warm-ups and to throw around costume concepts for characters. It's a good way to get the general lines and feel of an outfit down without getting too caught up on drawing the character. Chal ends up being drawn a lot because he has the keenest fashion sense, so he's a good way for me to work out ideas that are a little more over the top, and then poach parts of them for other characters. At the top left you can see the concept for his outfit when he's fighting with Kaumo.

There some concepts for Rory as he gets more Veo-styled clothes. He's fun to draw in winter coats, which I tend to base somewhat off of snowboarding gear.

Kaumo gets designs pulled from suitwear and military uniforms.

N'tala is hard to design for, as it can be a thin line between practicality and too boring. She's not someone with a big hoard of clothes.

There's also a concept of N'tala at the bottom left where she's dressed in homeworld clothing and wearing a planetbound Veo hairstyle.





Awww, I got all excited to see you had updated with something..... and then I read your comment. :(

I am really glad you got that teaching job, for a better overall income.
But it sucks that you are wearing yourself thin between those two jobs and have to put everything else in your life on the backburner for now.

And of course I understand putting the comic on hold while you are under so much stress with work.

But I really hope eventually things will go smoother again, and less stressful, primarily for your well-being.
And I hope you do find the time some day to get back to the comic.
Because it's one of my favourite comics, you see. :)

Take care in the meantime!

And on topic of update, I love those costume sketches! Chal as a clothes-horse fits well into the image I have of him! :D



I love the silly style doodles, Rory's precious and Chal's such a diva. XD

It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate, I hope you can get a chance to recharge and things! Taking care of yourself is the most important thing, obviously.



Saw this and read your tumblr post much earlier in the day, but didn't get around to commenting until now.

So sorry your days are so long, your day to day schedule so uncertain and that you've been unable to eat properly. And the impending art block. :( As much as I would love updates all the time it's not possible and you need to take care of yourself. Your December sounds insane and I hope you get some relief in January.

Thank you for the art, they're so adorable. ~hugs~



Ugh, that sucks! Look after yourself first though, not the comic! Hopefully everything calms down for you after the holidays and you can have some time to yourself to to relax.

Love the doodles.



Do I still miss this comic? Very much so. :(


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